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History of origin

Сервал питомника EXOCATS.RU

Serval is very similar to a cheetah, this is its main feature and unusualness. It seems like he just decided to temporarily take a company for a wealthy owner and decorate by himself a large mansion.

The birthplace of the serval is Africa. Valuable cat fur, always attracted the attention of poachers. Therefore, from year to year their livestock is rapidly declining, despite the initially impressive size of the population.

Today, you can count more than 14 varieties of wild serval, differing in their color. Home serval began to appear when a certain group of people found out that this species of animals can be easily tamed. This began to be used by breeders, thereby obtaining incredible pets.

Description of the Serval breed

This proud representative of the African continent is a real predator. All these features are clearly reveal in its external appearance. There are no definite uniform standards of the breed, but some distinctive features are created by nature itself:

Сервал питомника EXOCATS.RU


Servals are mainly wild predators with their own temper. In a indoor environment, you should carefully consider the issues of such temper. These handsome cats just fancy to run and romp, so you just don’t hinder.

In nature, it is habitual for them to hunt for birds. In a jump, they can reach a height of up to three meters. Therefore, you should be ready for the fact that at home they will overcome all the heights available. Ensure that you cleared all fragile or valuable items from the room where the pet is most often located.

In general Serval breed is quite friendly and curious. They explore their territory with great interest and guard it well. Most owners of these animals mention that these cats are a bit like dogs.


During kittens youth, you should not allow to jump down from high surfaces. Their limbs during this period are very fragile, therefore the risk of injury is increased.

It is also necessary to monitor the excrement of the kitten. If a pet has diarrhea with an intensity more than twice a day, it is necessary to immediately contact a veterinarian. This breed should be vaccinated on time. IMPORTANT! Vaccination should only performed with usage of specially inactivated drugs. Animal life depends on it!

Another “feature” of Servals that they can tag the territory up to 50 times a day. The process is accompanied by a very unpleasant odor. Therefore, the best solution is castration. It is better to sterilize cats before one year old and males should be subjected to the procedure before 8 months old.

Life expectancy at home is higher than in a natural habitat. It average it is about 15-20 years.

Care and maintenance

To grow up a safe and kind animal at home is possible, but you should follow a number of rules:

Expert advice:

  1. Do not let kitten to play with your hands or feet.
  2. Do not raise your voice at your pet. Serval is well aware of voice commands.
  3. Under any circumstances you CANNOT BEAT an animal, Servals doesn’t forgive such treatment.
  4. The best punishment for bad behavior is to leave alone. The animal understands his behavior and definitely will come to be reconciled.
  5. The kitten can easily be taught to the command "stop" with a simple spray, sprinkling water on it, if the kid does something forbidden.


In the conditions of the savannah nature, the servals feed by rodents (shrews), and also by snakes, lizards and insects. It is clear that it will not be necessary to search for grasshoppers for a pet. But it is necessary to prepare a proper menu consisting of raw meat containing bones. It could be chicken, turkey or offal. It is great to add vitamins with calcium. The total daily meal is up to 500 grams of meat.

Where to buy Serval's kitten?

We were first in Russia to start breeding Servals, brought from the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic.

The recommended age of a pet of this breed to buy is from 1.5 to 5 months. The younger kitten, the more likely it is to be grown into a loyal and faithful friend.

It is highly recommended to choose a cattery, where you can see kittens parents. Professionalism of a breeder should be confirmed with good recommendations.

On average, the price of a kitten is 450-550 thousand rubles. You can find cheaper, but there is no guarantee that you will get a socially adapted kitten that can be grown into well educated pet.

Serval is a very rare exotic cat not only in Russia, but all over the world. Features of appearance, as well as specific care, makes serval a premium segment cats.

It is not cheap to keep Serval indoor. Possession of a Serval highlight the high status and financial wealth of its owner.

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