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In our cattery you can purchase kittens Savannah F1, Serval, Chausie F1 breed brought from the best and proven breeders from Europe and America. We offer tender kittens, socially adapted, habituate to the tray, vaccinated by age and ciphered. Before making decision to buy, you definitely should come to us to meet a kitten, see in what conditions your next pet is kept, take a look at his parents. This is our major difference from other sellers. Reseller when You ask for a meeting, tell you a sweet story about exhibitions abroad, about moving to a summer cottage of a breeder and so on. If you have faced such answers, keep in mind that they are trying to deceive you.

We appreciate your time, that's why with the kitten we provide the starter kit, is what necessary for a kitten from the beginning of life in a new family, which includes:

12/22/2016 in our cattery were born 3 kittens of chausie (boys): 2 seals of very rare and exclusive color of "grizzly" and one cat of standard color - ticked tabby (or "wild" color).

Kittens breed Savannah F1

Savannah F1 kitten cattery EXOCATS
  • Gender: girl
  • Date of birth: 11.03.2017
  • Colour: silver tabby
  • Status: free

Mom - savannah F3, brought from Europe, dad - serval. The girl is large, heavy, with good skeleton, high-legged. The character is simply wonderful, very affectionate. He likes to sit on his hands, drink milk from a bottle.

Savannah F1 cattery EXOCATS
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