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History of origin

Чаузи F1 Black Ticked Tabby питомника EXOCATS.RU

Chausie F1 - one of the five most expensive cats in the world, so it would be a bit wrong to call him an ordinary pet. Only at the beginning of 2003 this breed was officially recognized and determined, but it appeared long before it was "crowned". Ancestor of the cat chausie is the jungle cat (in Latin Felis Chaus) also known as Chaus. By mixing the blood of one wild "Lovelace" and a domestic cat, hybrid kittens began to appear. Of course, their appearance was non-standard and certain issues in behavior. For a long time this phenomenon remained unnoticed, but one day one of the American breeders paid attention to unusual kittens - from this moment started the selection of this animal, which has the appearance of a wild beast and complaisant temper. This turned out to be a difficult task - it's quite difficult to breed cats. The main difficulty is that keeping a jungle cat at home is very big problem, since they are practically not tamed.

Description of the Chausie breed

«Predatory and beautiful» - epithets that perfectly characterize domestic reed cats, however, there are official standards:


The pattern on the cat's body can be blurred everywhere, except head, paws and tail. In the neck area it must form a kind of necklace. The tassels of the ears and the tip of the tail can only be black color.

The temper and appearance of the Chausie are directly dependent on the generation and blood ratio of the predatory ancestor. Each of them is designated by the letter "F".


F1 – it's 50 or more percent of the blood of a jungle cat;

F2 – 25 percent of the blood of the wild ancestor;

F3 – the blood of Jungle is at least 12.5 percent;

F4 – respectively, about 6.25 percent.


Чаузи F1 котенок питомника EXOCATS.RU

According to the majority of owners reviews, Chausie are excellent companions, but "wild" genes still reminds in some situations. They are tender, communicative but still differ in behavior from domestic cats.

Descendants of jungle cats like to swim with great pleasure. They are also very exited to the heights. Chausie will explore all the mezzanines, cabinets and top shelves.

An interesting fact is that the Chausie are very thrifty, so they can easily steal something attractive and safely hide it.

They are very sociable, like to learn and play. But, taking into account the impressive size of the cat, you should find a proper playground in advance. It is better to keep Chausie in a private household.


In general, the breed has a fairly strong health, but there are some issues:

Care and maintenance

Chausie cats do not like to stay in a enclosed space for a long time - they love space, so active walks in nature will be an excellent entertainment for the pet.


Because of close relationship with predators, the cats of this breed have a craving for meat products and are absolutely incapable of digesting cereals. In this regard, chauzy can only be fed dry dry grain-free premium foods. The ideal meal is rabbit or chicken.

IMPORTANT! It is restricted to feed Chausie pork - otherwise there is a risk of Aujeszky's disease.

Vitamin and micronutrients supplements should be used on daily base during the transition to normal food from mother's milk, until reaching the age of two. The average life expectancy is about 15-20 years.

Where to buy a Chausie kitten?

Buy a true Chausie F1 on the is quite difficult. This is due, above all, to the difficulties of keeping the cat-maker.

EXOCATS cattery is the only one in the world that can offer Chausie F1 kittens (wildlife content of 63%) with an exclusive "grizzly" color. We have the best producers brought from the famous American cattery "MARECHAL", one of the very first to start working on this breed. Purchasing kitten from Exocats you can be sure that you become a owner of a unique pet. It is less than a dozen “grizzly” in a world.

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Чаузи F1 котенок питомника EXOCATS.RU Чаузи F1 котенок питомника EXOCATS.RU Чаузи F1 питомника EXOCATS.RU Чаузи F1 Black Ticked Tabby питомника EXOCATS.RU