EXOCATS Since 2009
Savannah F1
Savannah F1
Котенок Chausie F1

A large, surprisingly beautiful, with ink spots on a golden skin or a mini-lynx with long tassels on the ears that rubs against your feet and purrs at the same time, and croaks like a little kitten, it's a dream of many. A dream that can now come true and bring love and tenderness to your heart.

Serval, who from the first days of his life knows only human hands, care and love.

Savannah F1 – the largest and most shocking of all existing breeds of cats.

Chausie F1 – domestic mini-lynx.

These are the animals that can decorate your house and emphasize the high status of its owner.

About us

We have been breeding these amazing and unique cats since 2006. The cattery was registered in TICA in 2009.

Our Savannahs are brought from the cattery "Select Exotics", one of the oldest and largest in the USA, that deals with savannas for over 20 years, and the Austrian "Akimba", the breeders who uses the lines of the American cattery "A1 Savannahs".

We are the first in Russia who start breeding Servals, brought from the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic.

Cattery EXOCATS is the only one in the world that can offer Chausie F1 kittens (63% of wild blood) with an exclusive "grizzly" color. We have the best animals brought from the famous American cattery "MARECHAL", first to start working on this breed.

Years of experience and proven on the offspring properly selected couples, allow us to be sure that we have a kitten that will bring to your home happiness and joy.